Beauty And Chaos

Beauty and Chaos

Beauty And Chaos

Suki, Be Free, Iceclaw

Q Bank Gallery, a new artist residency and studio inhabiting Queenstown's former commercial bank, features two Melbourne street artists: Suki works primarily with urban art installations and printmaking, using fabric, fibre, ink and found objects; and Be Free’s work is represented by a fun-filled character who waters plants, scribbles on walls and creates chaos with paint. Experience Suki and Be Free's wild little world of beauty and chaos – paired in the evenings with experimental sound artists Iceclaw.

Iceclaw performance times:

8:30pm till late (Friday)
6:00pm–9:00pm (Saturday)

Festival venues

  • Town Centre, corner Orr and McNamara St
  • Crib Lane, Little Orr St
  • The Paragon Theatre, 11 McNamara St
  • 20 Orr St
  • Queenstown Medical Union, 25 Cutten St
  • CWA Hall, 35 Cutten St
  • Cutten St Playground
  • West Coast Wilderness Railway and Tracks Cafe
  • Q Bank Gallery, 37 Orr St
  • QBar, 33 Orr St
  • Old Larq Gallery, 8 Hunter St
  • Old Evans Store, 24 Stitcht St
  • Galley Museum, 1/7 Driffield St
  • Scout Hall, 15 Bowes St
  • Queen River Footbridge
  • Passion Park, on The Esplanade
  • Penghana House, 32 Esplanade
  • Old Limestone Quarry, 9 Penghana Rd
  • Football Ground