14–16 October 2016, Queenstown, Tasmania

Welcome to Queenstown's unconformity

Welcome to The Unconformity, an arts festival inspired by a rare geological unconformity and the remarkable cultural paradoxes of Queenstown, a small mining community in Tasmania's wild West Coast.

Experience our community's unmatched sense of place and unique creative vision on 14–16 October 2016.

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Come and stay

The remote West Coast of Tasmania is reached by a stunning mountainous drive through World Heritage wilderness via the Lyell or Murchison A10 Highways. Allow approximately 3.5–4 hours to drive to the region from Launceston and Hobart.

Accommodation in Queenstown will likely reach capacity. Book via the West Coast Visitor Information Centre and consider staying in Zeehan and Strahan, both a 50-minute commute by car from Queenstown.


Tracks Cafe

The Crib Room

Q Bank Gallery

Fault Traces

From Metallurgy to Music

Cafe Serenade

3ks Takeaway


I Am A Lake

The Crib Room

How To See Through Fog

Grand Finale

Festival Info Hub

JJ's Coffee Shop

We Built This City

We Are Mountain

The Oasis

The Rumble Bar

The Rumble Bar

Dark Water (departure)

See Thru Me (to G'ton)


To John Butters Power Station

Geological and Social Unconformities – A Tour

Railway Hotel

Queenstown Map

Macquarie Harbour


Lyell Highway (from Hobart)

Murchison Highway (from Burnie)

Lake Burbury

Lake Plimsoll Link Road

Lake Burbury Camp Ground




Region Map cropped