A Score to Scratch the Surface (Title Sequence)

Opening Scene

A series of field recordings taken from points along the road between Nelson Falls and Queenstown becomes a soundtrack to accompany your drive. A Score to Scratch the Surface (Title Sequence) is a contemplation of what it means to be in place, to meander, and to be still. Download the score from The Unconformity website and press play as you hit Nelson Falls on the way from Hobart to Queenstown.

Click here to pre-download Title Sequence.

Festival venues

  • Town Centre, corner Orr and McNamara St
  • Crib Lane, Little Orr St
  • The Paragon Theatre, 11 McNamara St
  • 20 Orr St
  • Queenstown Medical Union, 25 Cutten St
  • CWA Hall, 35 Cutten St
  • Cutten St Playground
  • West Coast Wilderness Railway and Tracks Cafe
  • Q Bank Gallery, 37 Orr St
  • QBar, 33 Orr St
  • Old Larq Gallery, 8 Hunter St
  • Old Evans Store, 24 Stitcht St
  • Galley Museum, 1/7 Driffield St
  • Scout Hall, 15 Bowes St
  • Queen River Footbridge
  • Passion Park, on The Esplanade
  • Penghana House, 32 Esplanade
  • Old Limestone Quarry, 9 Penghana Rd
  • Football Ground