Dennis Samuelsson

Combining skills, interests, passions and try to accumulate that into a profession is a difficult thing that all privileged people strive for. I’ve always had a leaning towards the creative, such as art in a any form, shape or size. I found early on that film was a medium were I could practice all my interests at once. I had gone through school being a writer with a pursuit for journalism. Modern society, politics and history were subjects that enthused me, but they weren’t being stimulated. Creating factual content as a writer/director is where I’ve really found a home. Being able to work with something that gives you so much in terms of knowledge but also emotionally with all the responsibility it brings is very humbling. I often like to create slow paced-pieces that makes you think. I use a lot of symbolism and like to make it as objective as possible as I am a fan of letting the audience make their own interpretations, and so prolonging it’s life in a sense. In the future I hope to continue my work within the genre and explore more ways of bringing people's voices to the screen.

The Unconformity acknowledges the palawa people as the original and traditional custodians of lutruwita/Tasmania. We commit to working respectfully to honour their ongoing cultural and spiritual connections to this land.