Artist Residencies


In 2018 The Unconformity will support multiple artist residencies in Queenstown, a small mining town in remote western Tasmania.

UPDATE: The Unconformity Artist Residencies have now closed.

Residency info and ethos

The Unconformity Artist Residencies have been designed to support the development needs of artists, allowing time to research, develop relationships and focus on their work in the provocative Queenstown environment. Artists will be afforded the opportunity to focus upon development of their practice or project with flexibility around delivering a resolved outcome.

The residencies are assessed via application on a competitive basis and are open to local, Tasmanian, Australian and International artists from all artforms and stages of professional practice. Residencies will take place for a negotiated period during the 2018 calendar year. Artists will be supported with:

     •     $2,500 artist fee
     •     $500 materials budget
     •     In-kind accommodation
     •     Per diems
     •     A contribution towards travel.

What we're interested in

Our primary interests are the quality of an artist's work, commitment to their practice, ability to interact positively with the community, and understanding how the residency in western Tasmania will be of benefit to the artist. A creative proposal is not required however space has been provided for artists who wish to submit a creative idea. The required information includes:

     •     Applicant info
     •     A short bio (max 250 words)
     •     An artist statement (max 500 words)
     •     Your motivation for undertaking the residency (max 250 words)
     •     A current CV
     •     Artistic support material.

Apply now

Applications are due at midnight on Friday 23 February 2018.

As the online form cannot be saved, to enable preparation an offline Word version can be downloaded by right-clicking and selecting to save this file.

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Residency supporters

The Unconformity Artist Residencies are dedicated to the memory of Queenstown artist Pat Hull (1921-2011), whose residence is provided in-kind for artists. The residencies are supported through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts.

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Frequently asked questions

What sort of artists are eligible?

We encourage local, Tasmanian, Australian and International artists at any stage of professional practice and representing a variety of artforms (including, but not limited to, visual arts, performing arts, literature, new media and experimental art) to apply.

Where will I stay?

We have an in-kind agreement to utilise the fully furnished house of highly respected West Coast artist Pat Hull (1921-2011). Her paintings of Queenstown adorn the walls and her collection of artifacts will in its way assist to connect visiting artists with the cultural fabric of Queenstown. Accommodation is close to the town centre and within walking distance to shops and services. We will provide full accommodation information to successful artists.

Am I expected to deliver an artistic outcome?

The primary focus for The Unconformity Artist Residencies is to provide developmental opportunities for artists. The expectation of what each artist will achieve during their residency will be established and understood during the application stage. Some artists may wish to develop resolved artwork, while others may utilise it as conceptual opportunity to inform a broader outcome.

Will I be provided with a studio?

Residency artists will be introduced to multiple spaces for potential use as a temporary studio.

Can I apply with another person as a collaboration?

Yes, however no additional costs will be provided for the residency.

What if I don't drive?

Please note this at question 13 in the application. If you are successful we would provide logistical support to get you to and from western Tasmania. Queenstown is a small town and the lack of a vehicle during the residency should not be a hindrance.

Does my artistic practice need to be linked to Queenstown?

We don't expect your artistic practice to be conceptually linked to Queenstown, its community or environment. We are however highly interested in how you will benefit from and respond to the residency opportunity in western Tasmania.

How long will each residency go for and how many will be provided?

We expect each residency to average around three weeks. Four residencies will be provided to applying artists.

I live outside of Tasmania—are flights and transport costs covered?

A contribution will be provided towards flights. Transport to and from Queenstown will be facilitated however vehicle access in Queenstown will not be provided by The Unconformity.

Will my artwork be considered for The Unconformity 2018?

There is no automatic inclusion of residency artwork within The Unconformity festival. We encourage artists to submit proposals for The Unconformity festivals by emailing

What support will be provided in Queenstown during my residency?

Whilst artists will be provided with logistical support, artistic support through critical dialogue about Queenstown and their practice, and introductions to a range of Queenstown people, artists will be expected to be independent, self-sufficient and prepared to readily engage with Queenstown residents and local artists to achieve outcomes.

Can I bring my family?

Children, partners and family members are welcome to travel and stay with successful residency artists.

Will the residencies be offered again in 2019?

We hope to deliver a more residencies in 2019 however this will be dependent upon funding.

How can I gain more info?

If you require assistance developing or submitting your application, or if you require further information, please email us at