The Rumble

The Rumble

The Rumble

The Festival kicks off with a very loud roar from deep in the heart of the mountains! A procession tapping into all of the ingenuity, know-how and rugged good looks that is the spirit of the west coast. The opening of The Unconformity will aim to shake the main streets of Queenie to its core. Keep a watch at dusk on the 14th as the festival kickstarts into life…

Co-Director – Ian Pidd
Co-Director – Martyn Coutts
Sound Artist – Dylan Sheridan
Lighting Design – Jon Gaspersic
Designer – Michael Baxter
Production Manager – Beau Dudding


Multiple vantage points throughout central Queenstown


14 October - 14 October

8:00PM Friday


The Rumble is outdoors – please wear warm clothes, and maybe some earplugs!