Queenstown RAW

Queenstown RAW

Queenstown RAW

Rory Wray-McCann

Join Queenstown's Rory Wray-McCann on a walking tour of his arts practice and property; a timely two-phase historical and mineralogical walkabout designed to portray the sub atomic mechanism and processes behind the evolution of time, the universe and the indigenous paleo western Tasmanian past.


Buses depart from West Coast Wilderness Railway, Driffield St, on the hour.


15 October - 16 October

10:00AM Saturday

11:00AM Saturday

12:00PM Saturday

1:00PM Saturday

2:00PM Saturday

3:00PM Saturday

4:00PM Saturday

10:00AM Sunday

11:00AM Sunday

12:00PM Sunday

1:00PM Sunday

2:00PM Sunday

3:00PM Sunday

4:00PM Sunday


Please wear warm and weatherproof clothing and sturdy footwear.