Metallurgy to Music – Songs of West Tasmania

Metallurgy to Music

From Metallurgy to Music – Songs of Western Tasmania

Tony Newport and Vince Brophy

Songs and stories of The west coast, the zither and Carl Robert Sticht. Tony Newport, a born and bred west coaster, will tease the thread of Sticht and the autoharp* into stories and songs of the west coast, its people and its spirit – at Penghana where the unconformity of metallurgy and music were first aligned.

* Manager of the Mt Lyell Mining & Railway Co. from 1895–1922, Robert Sticht played the concert zither – a cousin instrument to the volk zither – a forerunner to the modern autoharp.

The print program timeline is incorrectly states that the event will
start at 4:00pm Saturday – 2:00pm Saturday is the correct start time.


Penghana, 32 Esplanade


15 October - 15 October

2:00PM Saturday


Please use the pedestrian pathway from the Esplanade entrance. If mobility is an issue please use the rear carpark off Preston St.


St Joseph's Catholic School and Strahan Primary School students will assist in singing multiple songs. Entry by donation.